We are developing ideas for a mission that will support and promote conservation by providing all of you with up to date and accurate information about riding off road here in our place we call home; Wellsville,OH.

You will soon be able to share your pictures and experiences of riding in the yellow creek area with an environmental and social focus. But this will be just the beginning of information, products and joy that we will all begin to have together. Our team is going to work hard to provide you with the happenings of the area and how they relate to your enjoyed off road adventures here in one of the top ten riding spots of all time.

Also in developement is an exciting, registered one of a kind "Yellow Creek" jersey that will be available for a donation to support the work. The quality of the jersey will be that of any trademark now in existence and combine the nostalgia for 50 years of riding in our "pitts" along with modern day colors and designs.

I sincerely ask for your patience as we put together the final details of this program. I am overjoyed at the endless benefits and opportunities to soon be explored. Of course your voice will be heard in many ways. Our website development team is currently working on this end of the project and we hope to soon have a contact email linked.

Thank you for all the great memories and friends we have made riding dirt. Thanks to my parents and family. And talk with you all soon.

See you in the "pitts"


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